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Purpose & Company Ethos

To provide care leavers with the emotional care and practical support & advice that they need whilst promoting independence.

At Rubi living we consistently ask ourselves;  “would this be good enough for my own child ?” and, as corporate parents, proceed to bestow an exceptionally high level of care support. We are committed to raising the standards of supported independence provision by setting an example with the hope to improve education, employment and training statistics for care leavers.

To actively intervene

We understand that we must do a lot more than simply monitor care leavers’ progress in order to maximise their chances of achieving their potential. We are committed to working collaboratively with the team of professionals linked to each young person; through our highly enhanced Pathway planning, consistent encouragement and consistent avocation, we actively intervene and ensure that every opportunity is made available to them.

To ensure that care leavers are fully equipped with the life skills & knowledge necessary for safe independent living

We work with the young person to complete comprehensive Independent Living Skills Course, which covers the practical skills in general knowledge necessary for successful independent. We research the educational and vocational courses and to secure places. C.V building in an alliance with them pathway plan is in essential part of our support package.

Who is the service for

The Rubi living service is aimed at young people aged 16+ who would benefit from a semi-independent setting before moving on to complete independence. We facilitate single care leavers. The Level of support that we provide is relatively high and so we are able to take on low, medium or high– risk placements. 

To outline a level of contact time with the young person

  • A staff member is present in the house at intervals throughout the day
  • A working night’s worker is present throughout the night if required
  • Staff are in regular phone contact with the young person throughout
  • We reachable by phone at all time
  • We are readily available to meet with the young person at the home at any time. 

The time that a young person spends in our care is intended to be both therapeutic and educational. Our support worker is highly experience in counselling troubled teenagers, working through emotional issues and new nurturing confidence

Our support structure is geared towards providing the young person with future security. We focus strongly on skills building, C.V building and Pathway Plan maintenance.

Why Choose Us

We provide individual bespoke quality centred care, prioritising the needs of each young adult. This is the key to the success of independence at Rubi living and the essential ingredient that makes the support and care we offer here unlike that offered anywhere else. Having exciting opportunities to learn new life skills, broaden horizons and have new strong lifelong friendships along the way

Social Care – Support Workers

We have highly experienced and trained support staff to meet individual client needs which includes:

  • Supporting people who have behaviours that challenge
  • Supporting people with physical disabilities and complex physical needs (e.g. peg feeding, Epilepsy, Cerebral palsy)
  • Supporting people with learning disabilities and mental ill health, including those that self-harm
  • Supporting people with additional disabilities such as communication difficulties and sensory impairments and other complex needs
  • Supporting people with forensic history


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