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At Rubi Living, we encourage the young person to attend all of their reviews and we put them in the driving seat when it comes to assessing their own needs and designing a Pathway Plan. The young person must feel that they are in control of their own behaviour, development and future in order for them to build the confidence to achieve.

The young person is invited to make some suggestions about improvements to the service that we provide. We actively seek the young person’s ideas about how the service could more closely meet their needs and enhance their experience of supported accommodation. Staff record and actively seek to meet appropriate suggestions.

We take complaints seriously and record all instances of dissatisfaction including complaints about staff or reports of bullying between house members. Formal complaints forms are available and can be found at the back of their Independent Living Skills course book. This can be handed to support worker or manager or posted to the manager.

House Rules

The young person will be given a copy of our house rules. This is intended as a guide to appropriate behaviour and young person is encouraged to amend or provide additional standards to the list. House Rules include:

  • I agree not to smoke in the house.
  • I will help to keep communal areas tidy.
  • I agree not to play loud music after 9pm.
  • I will respect other members of the house and Rubi living staff.
  • I will co-operate with Rubi living staff ; answering phone calls and arranging to meet with my Rubi living  support worker at the house.
  • I will work through the Independent Living Skills Course with my support worker
  • I will contribute to follow my Pathway Plan ; attending education, employment or training regularly
  • I will contribute to follow my Pathway Plan; attending education, employment or training regularly.
  • I will sleep out no more than 2 nights per week and will inform my support worker of my whereabouts, maintaining good phone contact.
  • I understand that bullying, verbal and physical aggression towards anyone unacceptable.

Arrangements Made for the Warning System

Inability to achieve the House Rules does not result in termination of the placement or diminishment the level of care that they receive. Young people are always given second, third and fourth chances. The young person is continually supported by us to follow the House Rules.

In cases of absconding or failure to return, the manager will be informed. The manager will inform the police and social services.

Any cases of extreme anti-social behaviour are discussed seriously with the young person. The support worker provides reflective sessional work with the young and the events and feelings from the viewpoints of all concerned are discussed and recorded.

The young person’s placement only continues if it is in his or her own interest. Repeated instances of extreme antisocial behaviour may result in a strategy meeting being arranged. In the worst case scenario, a young person would never be immediately evicted from the home – time would be given until new accommodation is secured.

Record Keeping Procedures

Each young person has an electronic file. This is comprised of the young person’s chronology, needs assessment, risk assessment, pathway plan, daily logs p, monthly reports, incident logs and any other personal information.

Records taken by the support worker during meetings with the young person are generally hand written onto paper. These are given to the manager who will word process or scan them and add them to the electronic file

Had copies are kept securely at the manager’ s office while electronic copies are password protected on the manager’s laptop. All information on the young person is shared with the young person. All records are evidence based and handled in accordance with Data Protection Law.

Rubi Living, Provision and Location

We provide supported independent within safe, comfortable, welcoming homes. These are not hostels, but rather, shared homes in which care leavers can create happy memories of their first Rubi living into independent life. We encourage the young people in our homes to share food bills etc., and to cook & eat together acting as a family unit from which they can gain friendship and support.

We offer a Rubi living Sunday roast for all the house members on the last Sunday of the month.  This is also an opportunity for the young person to meet with wider Rubi Living Workforce


Each young person is provided with a large bedroom with plenty of storage space. All soft furnishings (new high quality mattress, new duvet and pillows, new sheets, new towels etc.) are provided and are for the young person to take with them when they are ready to move on.

Each home has a communal open-plan kitchen/living room with all appliances (cooker, washer, dryer, fridge freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, kitchen utensils, crockery & cutlery and TV), and 1 fully fitted communal bathrooms.

We provide a large welcome pack of food and toiletries.

Our package is inclusive of gas, electricity & water bills, broadband & television.


Our homes are situated in a quiet neighbourhood of Oakley Vale, this is close to the town centre of a multicultural Corby. The following amenities are within 10– 30 minutes walking distance of homes:

  • Tresham Institute of Higher Education offering many courses & apprenticeships
  • Morrison’s and Tesco Express
  • Brooke Weston Gym
  • Savoy Cinema
  • Halal, grocery shops and take -always
  • World food shops and a local market
  • Large shopping centre with fashion/sports clothing shops.
  • Low cost sports clubs (, football, kick-boxing, athletics etc
  • Mosque in Wellingborough
  • Multi faith Centre
  • Muslim Centre in Wellingborough (15mins on the train)
  • Regular bus service into Northampton Centre and Milton Keynes Centre
  • Regular bus service to Northampton Colleges and Moulton Colleges
  • Train station with direct train line to Kettering, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield northbound, or Bedford, Luton and London St Pancras southbound
  • Several parks and playing fields
  • Bowling alley
  • Theatre
  • Several doctors’ surgeries and dentists’

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